Five Minute Friday: Brave

Can I even write a post about bravery? My own personal bravery? We went way outside my comfort zone twice this week and it was mostly what I expected in some ways and great in other ways. Bravery for me is taking control, which takes so much effort. You guys make it look easy, but I’m getting there. I probably won’t catch up until I’m 90, but little by little I’m getting there.


Happy December!


I insisted that we wait until December to put up any decorations. But I could wait no longer. I think Hubbs was a little taken back by my insistence that it be done today.

We went to our oldest’s program at school then got a great deal on a tree at Costco. $30 for 8′ y’all. Can’t beat that!

Anyway, tree is decorated and my football team had a win tonight. I’m good. Happy December!!

Dinner Convo

Dad: So, Mena, how was your day?

Mena: Good. I didn’t get in trouble at school all week and the teacher let me have a special snack today.

Dad: That’s great!

Jake: I farted like 3 times today.

Is it even possible to get through one meal without a fart reference? No? Fine then. Consider my standards lowered. LOWER THAN FARTING. SIGH.

Murphy’s Law

My house is super clean. My kids are really cutely dressed. No one is making a gigantic mess. Even I am presentable (read showered). Of course, no one will be popping in. Because that is saved for when I’m in the middle of cooking dinner, doing laundry and my kids are drawing on the walls. LE SIGH UNIVERSE.


Today, at the age of 32, I got dressed for work and threw on some jewelry. I typically wear the same cross necklace, cross ring and earrings that my husband has given my over the years, all of them silver. Today I threw on some bangles and some fan shaped earrings as I ran out the door. While sitting here working I realized that I like wearing different jewelry and should do it more often. In fact, I like what I have on and this surprises me because it’s gold. I never thought I would like gold, and have been swearing it off for as long as I can remember.

Always while growing up, my grandmother has loved and collected jewelry. At one point she had the two large ring trays and she would bring them out to show me. One tray would fit my mother and one tray would fit me and the three of us would have a good time looking at them all. In the tray that would fit me there were several gold rings and I always told her I would never wear gold. This always made her laugh. She said one day when I had grown up that I would like gold, and I always marveled at the idea that something I could dislike so much could possibly change into something I would like and wear.

Today was that day. April 10th 2012 would be the day I considered myself a mature adult. I wish my grandmother and mother were alive for me to share this trivial moment with them.